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Sorry, this vacancy is now closed and applications can’t be submitted!

Trustee Fundraiser
Save Our Babies

Job Description

Do you want to help find a cure for cerebral palsy? Save Our Babies is looking for a Trustee Fundraiser to help create and implement a strategy for raising funds. This organisation is brand new so this is a great opportunity to shape the ethos of this organisation and to help us expand and achieve our aims. We're looking for trustees to help us become a registered charity. Because Save Our Babies has just been set up you would be involved in a variety of different tasks to begin with which would include creating some of the charity's policies and procedures.

All expenses would be reimbursed by us and if you needed to go on a training course to acquire new skills, we would gladly cover the costs. The charity is based in North Yorkshire but it wouldn't matter if you lived elsewhere as long as you are willing to travel to attend quarterly board meetings. We would require a commitment of roughly 3 hours a week but if you wanted to work more hours than that it would be great.

What would you be doing?

Your role would include the following duties:

To ensure that the charity complies at all times with its governing document, charity law and any other relevant regulations.

To ensure that the charity pursues its objects as defined in its governing document.

Developing a fundraising strategy that outlines how the organisation will raise funds for the next year and a longer-term strategy that covers a three-year time span.

Costing the fundraising strategy and then helping the chair and treasurer develop a budget around the cost and revenues associated with the fundraising strategy.

Deciding how the budget can be used to help maximise funds received.

Agreeing a means to assess how effective each particular fundraising strategy is based on a variety of methods such as funds raised vs costs of fundraising.

Monitoring the cost and time spent on each area of fundraising to see if the charity is following its fundraising strategy. 

Working alongside others to develop promotional material for the charity.

Keeping donors informed about the progress of the charity and ensuring they receive thanks for their support.

Helping to do the actual fundraising on behalf of the organisation. Doing community-based fundraising would be the first task before moving onto other forms of fundraising, such as grant applications etc.

To attend and to actively participate in board meetings and to prepare appropriately beforehand.

Attributes needed

Some experience of fundraising for a charity

Enthusiasm and commitment


Confidence and the ability to deal with rejection


Good social skills and the ability to make contacts

Good organisational skills

Need to be creative

Need to demonstrate commitment to the aims, objectives and work of the charity

Willingness to devote the necessary time and effort to attend meetings

Must be honest and trustworthy

Applying for the role

If your interested sent us a C.V and tell us about why you're applying and what you think you can bring to the role. For more information about us go to our website.